Annabeth Chase

Also known as Wise Girl, Annie Bell









Item of Choice

Celestial Bronze Knife



More About Annabeth Chase

Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, is blond, pretty, athletic, and crazy smart. Her stormy gray eyes seem to penetrate and analyze whatever they see, be it a person, a problem, or a place. A natural-born strategist, she prefers to think things through rather than jump right in. Unfortunately, the quests she’s been on and the people she’s with—hello, Percy?—rarely allow her that luxury. But she’s just as good at thinking on her feet and devising plans on the fly.

In addition to her intelligence, she is loyal, brave, and confident. Perhaps too confident at times. Her fatal flaw is hubris, or pride in her own abilities and belief that she is more capable than anyone else. This flaw has landed her in serious trouble a few times—and in Tartarus once.

But at other times, her confidence helps her achieve greatness. It’s pushed her to survive against all odds, help save the world from annihilation (twice–or is it three times?), and pursue her dream of becoming a world-class architect. Now, when not hanging out with her boyfriend Percy Jackson and assisting her cousin Magnus Chase, Annabeth works on her dream project: rebuilding Mount Olympus, the home of the gods that was destroyed during the war with the Titans.

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