Lester Papadopoulos

Also known as Apollo





Unexpected Skill




Item of Choice

Plague-infected Arrow


New York City

More about Lester Papadopolous

When the god Apollo falls to earth as the sixteen-year-old mortal Lester Papadopolous—his immortality stripped by his father, Zeus, as punishment for nearly causing destruction of the world—he’s wearing jeans, sneakers, and a green polo shirt. The clothes are almost immediately bloodied and torn when he’s pulverized by a pair of thugs. He trades them in for a pair of jeans and an ironic Led Zeppelin T-shirt borrowed from Percy Jackson.

Apollo also trades in his godly perfection for the face and body of a typical teenage boy. He has acne, flabby abs with love handles, medium-length curly dark hair, and blue eyes. He is devoid of powers, though very occasionally he can summon a hint of his previous greatness—a song that touches the hearts of all who hear it, or a well-shot arrow that brings down an attacking colossus.

At first, Lester shares many of Apollo’s less attractive personality traits. He blames others for his mistakes and refuses to admit that his actions while immortal are now having dire consequences. He’s arrogant, demanding, and selfish, expecting others to instantly put aside their own troubles to help him with his own. In time, however, he discovers a sense of humility. He becomes more empathetic and caring, particularly toward Meg McCaffrey, the demigod he must serve as his punishment.

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