Grover Underwood

Also known as Lord of the Wild, Chosen One of Pan, Leader of the Council of Cloven Elders



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Reed Pipes


Camp Half-Blood

More about Grover Underwood

Grover Underwood is half man, half goat, and all loyal, cheerful friend. Two horns peek out of his curly ginger-brown hair, and he has furry goat legs and cloven hooves instead of human legs and feet. His chin is covered with a scraggly beard—and the occasional food stain from his favorite enchiladas. When last seen, he was wearing a collarless black jacket, a green shirt, baggy jeans, and a red knit cap. Grover can be skittish when the pressure is on, but he won’t back down. (Break down, maybe, but never back down.)

Grover was once a protector, tasked with locating demigods and bringing them safely to Camp Half-Blood. If he did his job well, he’d be allowed to join the search for Pan, the long-lost god of the Wild. Finding Pan was Grover’s dream—but when that dream became a reality, all did not end as he hoped, for Pan faded away. Yet a bit of the god’s essence passed into Grover, imbuing him with unusual powers including the Panic, a blistering cry that strikes such fear in one’s enemies that they flee in terror. Now, Grover is a Lord of the Wild . . . and about to embark on a new adventure with a certain god-turned-mortal.

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