Sadie Kane

Also known as Blood of the Pharaohs, Eye of Isis, Co-Leader of the Twenty-first Nome



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Los Angeles

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Egyptian magician Sadie Kane is the former host of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic, and the current co-leader–with her brother, Carter–of Brooklyn House, the Twenty-first Nome of the House of Life. With her light brown hair, often streaked with pink, deep blue eyes, and fair skin, she looks a lot like her mother, Ruby, and nothing like Carter or her father Julius. She doesn’t sound like them either; she speaks with a British accent because she was raised in London. Her typical outfit is well-worn jeans, T-shirts, and combat boots. She always wears the tyet necklace given to her by her father and the shen amulet from her boyfriend, Walt Stone.

An outspoken, opinionated teen, Sadie thrives on rebellion. Though that might rub some people the wrong way (ahem . . . Carter?), her stubborn defiance has proven invaluable more than once. Tell Sadie something is impossible . . . and she’ll make it possible, whether by using her astounding magical abilities or through sheer force of will and determination.

But Sadie isn’t all brash talk. She has a softer side, and she’s not afraid to let it show. She is generous with her love and wouldn’t think twice about going to great extremes to help a friend in need. And though she argues with her brother, she is fiercely protective of him too.

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