Leo Valdez

Also known as Commander Tool Belt, Bad Boy Supreme, Mijo, Admiral Leo, Super-sized McShizzle, Latino Santa’s Elf, Leonidas, Uncle Leo, Supreme Commander of the Argo II, Flaming Valdez



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Magic Toolbelt


Houston, Texas

More about Leo Valdez

Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire, crafts, and blacksmiths, has curly black hair, pointy ears, and an impish grin that screams troublemaker. Leo seems to be constantly in motion–jittering his legs, drumming his long fingers, and poking around the pockets of his magical toolbelt for just the right part for his next project. His mouth is rarely still either, and while some might find his wisecracking patter irritating, those who know him best understand that it’s his way of handling tense situations.

Leo inherited his tinkering talents from both his godly father and his mortal mother. He drew on those skills to rebuild Festus, an immense bronze dragon that can fly, and to design and construct the Argo II, a ship that can sail through the air as well as on water. His ingenuity and nimble fingers have created more than one life-saving device.

Though he’s a head shorter than most of his friends—he’s five feet, six inches tall—he stands tall when it comes to bravery. A true hero, Leo sacrificed himself in a fiery explosion, thus fulfilling the Great Prophecy and saving his friends and the world from total destruction. Ever the genius, however, he devised a way to survive the explosion and to rescue his love, the sorceress Calypso, who had been abandoned by the gods on the mysterious island of Ogygia centuries earlier. Now he and Calypso have flown off on Festus to new adventures. . . .

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