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White Oak Staff



More about Hearthstone

Tall and lanky, with spiky white-blond hair, a pale complexion, and a physical need for sunlight to survive, Hearthstone fits the picture of the classic elf from Alfheim. But there’s more to this leather-clad, red-and-white-scarf-wearing elf than meets the eye.

Hearth was born deaf. Embarrassed by this “imperfection,” his parents and community shunned him throughout his childhood. They refused to learn ASL (Alf Sign Language, which is a lot like American Sign Language) and thwarted his attempts to read their lips. Hearth coped with the pain by hiding his emotions. Even now, his reactions are so subtle that only his closest friends, Magnus Chase and Blitzen, can truly tell the depth of his feelings. A faint smile means he’s laughing hysterically. Slightly narrowed eyes mean he’s infuriated—and potentially dangerous.

Hearth also hid a secret passion to learn the ancient and forgotten art of rune magic. His parents would have found this interest to be as mortifying as his deafness. He persisted, however, and eventually struck a deal with the god Mimir: he’d get the chance to practice magic if he lived as a homeless man and protected Magnus. Hearthstone took that job very seriously, and still does, even though they are no longer living on the streets.

Hearthstone is still learning the secrets of runes, but his powers are growing greater thanks in part to one-on-one lessons with Odin, the All-Father and master of rune magic. Hearth now carries a two-pronged wooden sorcerer’s staff (a gift from Mimir) as well as two bags of runestones, one made of stone, the other of rowan wood—a gift from the goddess Sif.

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