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Expando Ducks



More about Blitzen

Blitzen is a vertically challenged dwarf* with a passion for fashion and a knack for crafting protective clothes and accessories. He hid his true identity from Magnus Chase for two years by disguising himself as a wild-haired, disheveled homeless man in a baggy trench coat.

Now this dark-skinned designer showcases his looks with pride. From the top of his perfectly coiffed black curly hair to the tips of his alligator leather boots, Blitzen is every inch the debonair dandy. We’re talking tailor-made wool suits with paisley vests over silk shirts. Pocket squares with matching ascots or ties. A well-trimmed beard and a smart gold pocket watch. And because he’s petrified of and by sunshine—like all dwarves, he turns to stone if exposed to sunlight—he complements every daytime ensemble with gloves, sunglasses, and a pith helmet with black netting.

Blitz’s lifelong desire is to share his gift for clothing design with the Nine Worlds. He gave his best friend, Hearthstone, a red-and-white striped scarf, which Hearth prizes, and handcrafted a bulletproof chain-mail necktie and a vest with similar weapon-defying properties. But the opening of his high-end clothing store, Blitzen’s Best, on Boston’s Newbury Street marked the true launch of his fashion line.

When not dreaming up outfits and accessories, Blitzen spends his time protecting Magnus Chase, defending his long-dead father’s honor, and making metal ducks that transform into . . . larger metal ducks. He calls them Expando-Ducks, and while they may seem like knickknacks, they’re more deadly than decorative.

*Technically, Blitzen is a svartalf, or dark elf, and a demigod, as his mother is the goddess Freya. But he chooses to identify as dwarf.

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